As a winner of numerous music contests, Marina Tabri’s repertoire comprises of songs in different genres: from folk to pop-rock and everything in-between. It’s pleasant to note that all songs has a strong lyrics, catchy tunes and today’s production techniques. All this magnificence is crowned by a deep and sensual vocal.


“I wrote my first song at the end of December, 2010 on the way of St. Petersburg to Tallinn. It took me about 30 minutes. It’s written in Russian folk style. About the love, of course. I called it ‘Song of Maiden’. Poems and love songs began to flow since then.”


“One person asked me once: “Why do you write? Nobody needs the poetry today!” I was very upset and cried all night. Then I’ve just took a piece of paper and wrote ‘I Overheard the Whisper of Birches’. This is one of my favorite poems.”

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